About Doula work

What is a doula? 

As a birth doula, I accompany women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience.  I have been attending births since 2004.  In 2007 I completed DONA training, went on to complete certification through 2014 with DONA.

I draw on my professional training, knowledge, and experience to provide emotional support and physical comfort.  I can provide reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions for labor progress, and help with relaxation, massage, and positioning and other techniques for comfort.

I am independent and self-employed.  As your doula, I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital.

Before labor.

I will meet with you and your partner at least once to become acquainted, to explore and discuss your priorities and any fears or concerns.  We will also discuss your birth plan and to plan how we might best work together.  I also want to know your best ways of coping with pain 

and fatigue and how you and your partner forsee working together.  I can suggest ways to write your birth plan if that is still in process.

I will also inform you of times when I am unavailable for labor support.  To cover those times, I will arrange one or more qualified back-up doulas whom you may also meet.  You may also decide on other meetings and will remain in touch by telephone and or email.

In Labor

I join you and your partner when you wish.  For some parents this is in their home and for others I join you at the hospital.  I help remind you of your birth plan and wishes.  I’m the pause button to ease you into the choices to be made.  I encourage the mother and father to be the best team they can be.  I look for ways to support you both.

After birth. 

I usually remain with you for one or two hours after the birth, until you are comfortable and your family is ready for quiet time together.  I can also help with initial breastfeeding, if you wish.  I am available to answer questions about the birth or your baby.   About four days after birth, I check in to see how you and your baby are doing.  We can review the birth and and concerns you have regarding new motherhood.

I follow DONA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Give me a call or drop me an email so that we can talk about your plans for the birth of your baby!  (309) 453-0409 marciamattern@gmail.com


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